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NexGen Concrete Grinding & Polishing is a Melbourne-based family owned and run business with over 20 years of combined experience in the concrete & grinding finishing industry. We offer a selection of quality floor finishes, ranging from concrete polishing through to epoxy coatings, to suit our client's individual needs and budgets.

No matter if it’s a commercial establishment or an individual’s home, we take great care to ensure your floors look fresh and pristine once we are done with it.

Why We Are Your Top Choice for Concrete Floor Polishing & Grinding

Our company delivers passion and expertise to every project and is reputed for its attention to detail using state of the art equipment and products. We stay up to date with the latest technologies delivering a first-class service and achieving the finest results! We cater for large industrial and commercial floors right through to smaller office and residential jobs.

We are readily available to guide you through our process and deliver the highest-level quality of service to our customers. From polished concrete to applying epoxy flooring — we ensure you have pristine floors in your home or office building. 

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Bringing Our Concrete Floor Polishing & Grinding Services Across Melbourne.

For all your concrete grinding and polishing needs, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We are located in the western suburbs of Melbourne and bring our services to locations all across — from Essendon to Greenvale and Caroline Springs, we’ll come to you.

We are more than happy to provide you with an obligation free quote. Call 0433 154 001 or 0401 148 464 or email Alternatively, you can send us an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you promptly. 

Bring your concrete floor to life, the possibilities are endless.

Polished Concrete Melbourne Concrete Grinding Epoxy Floors

Polished Concrete

The process of concrete polishing can transform any concrete surface, whether old or new, into a spectacular high grade surface that is highly abrasion resistant and virtually maintenance free. The achievable finish is smooth and reflective making it an easy-clean and durable floor.

Grind and Seal High Gloss or Matte Clear Epoxy

Concrete Grind and Seal

The Grind and Seal process provides an extremely durable surface that enhances the appearance of any natural concrete floor whilst achieving a smooth low maintenance finish. The vast range of coatings available means there is a finish, whether matte or gloss, to suit every clients needs. 

Grey Epoxy Floor Commercial or Residential

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors are made up of a two-part coating that dries to become a strong, durable surface. Upon application epoxy acts as a filler and forms a hard, shiny surface, enabling it to be applied to rough and uneven surfaces. Due to it's strength and resistance to damage, it can be used in even the most demanding industrial environments. 

Concrete Grinding Husqvarna Concrete Floor Preparation

Floor Preparation & Levelling

When concrete slabs are poured, screeded and finished, they can never achieve a perfectly level surface. As they say the finish is only as good as the preparation, therefore, it is paramount for every floor surface to be grinded flat to allow other coverings to be installed. NexGen CGP have a broad range of floor solutions to suit every need.  

Servicing all of Melbourne.


We are located in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and service all areas of Melbourne.