Polished Concrete Melbourne


The Grind and Seal process provides an extremely durable surface that enhances the appearance of any natural concrete floor whilst achieving a smooth low maintenance finish. The vast range of coatings available means there is a finish, whether matte or gloss, to suit every clients needs. The concrete is grinded back to the desired amount, removing surface imperfections and debris, and is then coated with a protective sealer enhancing the appearance of the concrete and achieving a smooth and durable floor.



  • Low cost alternative to polished concrete

  • Surface coatings provide an extremely hard wearing surface

  • Resistant to wear, markings, dust, stains, water & oils

  • Abrasion & Heat

  • Can be tinted

  • Improves natural lighting

  • Allergen free

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean

  • Non-slip agent can be added to sealer

  • Sealer can be clear or coloured

  • Non porous

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors

  • Available in Matte, Semi-Gloss or High Gloss finish



  • Coatings can take between 5-7 days to fully cure

  • Clean up spills as quickly as possible

  • Vacuum internal floors regularly and keep floors dirt free

  • Sweep outdoor areas

  • Micro fibre mop using a low PH cleaner is recommended for a clean and streak free finish

  • Recommended to have protective pads under furniture

  • Re-sealing will need to be reapplied every 5-7 years depending on traffic